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Twenty years after I started working with Sprint, we are all excited to move back to California where I will work as a Principal Engineer for Google, in the Network Operations team.


I have a PhD in Computer Science (INP Grenoble, FRANCE, January 1991) and an HDR (INP Grenoble, September 1996). I joined INRIA Sophia Antipolis in October 1993 where I worked with Christian Huitema, Jean Bolot and Walid Dabbous on internet protocols and applications. This is when I started working on multicast, and designed a peer-to-peer multicast game on the Mbone. At INRIA, I also worked on automatic protocol generation from ESTEREL formal description. From October 1998 to April 2003, I worked with Sprint Advanced Technology Labs in San Francisco. I was given the opportunity (thanks Franck de Nap and Bryan Lyles) to build a new research group which task was to understand performance of the Internet and help with backbone engineering and design. Outstanding experience with amazing people. We designed a unique measurement infrastructure made of GPS synchronized packet collection, routing events, SNMP data, and active probing. Everything had to be invented at the time. At Sprint, we also did seminal work on DiffServ together with Martin May, Jean Bolot and Jon Crowcroft. In 2003, I moved to INTEL Research in Cambridge where the objective was to create a multi-disciplinary research group to help INTELidentify and develop promising new technologies. This is where we started Pocket Switched Networks (also known as "Haggle"), and designed new anomaly detection techniques for the Internet, among other cool projects. I joined THOMSON in Paris in October 2005 to launch a  research lab on new communication services and platforms for contents delivery. The Paris lab pioneered research on home networking, home (nano) data centers and CPE added-value features in general. From July 2008 to April 2009, I acted as the CTO of Thomson Corporate Research. In May 2009, I became Chief Scientist for Thomson, in charge of long term innovation strategy and relationship with academics (among other stuff ). In January 2010, THOMSON became TECHNICOLOR.  In 2011, I created from scratch a research lab in Palo Alto. This has been an opportunity to re-work with old friends such as Jean Bolot and Nina Taft. The Palo Alto lab (now in Los Altos) was performing research on user understanding, privacy, and recommendations. I joined SAFRAN in September 2015 as CTO of SAFRAN Analytics, the new entity created by SAFRAN to develop a data culture in the group and to create value from data collected in group companies. This is quite a different challenge for me as SAFRAN Analytics is a business entity, not a research or innovation lab. I am also involved with SAFRAN TECH, the SAFRAN R&T organisation. Since january 2017, I have been appointed SAFRAN "emeritus expert", the highest level of technical expertise inside SAFRAN. I will leave SAFRAN in May 2018.

According to google scholar, my H index is 75 and I am an ACM Fellow since 2005. I am intentionally not a member of the IEEE.


My 2017 Resume is available here. It is almost complete. Some patents are missing, a few publications, you can go to google scholar for additional information.

Publications, Reports

Recent Publications and reports are available online. One day, I will find enough time to re-organize it by topic, but that's really a lot of work :-( 

Patents are available in my resume.

Older stuff can be found through this link (Internet games, QoS, Multicast, protocol design, etc.). Someday, I will have to re-organize this publication list by topic. I leave that for future future works!